Adult Home Care

Accredited care provider in England. Diamond Plus provides private home care services to adults, children and families that are delivered with love and kindness.

Live-in Care Services

Our care plans are tailored to address specific requirements, promoting independence and well-being.

Social Activities Planning

Caring for the elderly extends beyond physical assistance, it’s about enhancing their quality of life.

Befriending Services

We match people with a compassionate befriender who shares similar hobbies, interests, or background.

Personal Shopping

Our compassionate caregivers assist with grocery shopping, ensuring that your loved ones have access to nutritious food and household essentials.


Home Care vs Care Home

It’s no secret that home care is better for most people because care can be provided with personalised support within the comfort of your own home, allowing you to maintain independence and stay close to family and friends.

In contrast, care homes offer comprehensive care but may lead to a loss of privacy and independence.

Diamond Plus can provide you or your loved one with expert home care that is tailored to individual need.

Improved quality of life

We can provide you with qualified care staff to support all your general needs within your own home.

We make it affordable

Care does not have to be out of reach. We can work towards your budget goals and deliver a package to suit you.

Why Us?

Care That Cares

We are keenly aware of the growing need for good home services in our local catchment and in recognition of that need we have developed an offering that will provide a vital service to the local community.

We are driven by a desire to ensure those most in need are provided with our compassionate and empathetic care.

Get a Quote

If you need care services for yourself, a loved one or your family then the first step is to speak to an advisor and find out the rough cost and how to finance it. We can advise you.